What are some excellent examples of Portion Control?

I have stated repeatedly that the single most important element in my getting control of my weight was the concept of portion control. Once I realized how big a serving size actually was, my weight control efforts really got traction.

Here are some excellent examples of portion control that you can use at home or when eating out. As you can see, the examples also include calorie counts. This is truly one picture that is worth a thousand words.

Here is an example of how portion control and serving size helped me: I like pasta. I always thought a serving of pasta was a plate full of pasta. As you can see from the illustration above, a serving of pasta is about the size of your fist and yields 200 calories. A plate full of pasta is about four servings of pasta and amounts to 800 calories.

Spend some time reading it and learning it. You will get benefits every time you sit down at a table to eat.


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