Exercise May Help with Dementia

If you have dementia, or care for someone who does, these are encouraging findings, suggesting that exercise may improve dementia symptoms and help people in their daily lives. If you don’t exercise regularly and would like to start, you can ask your doctor for advice on what exercises might be best for you.

To read much more about the brain and exercise check out my Page – Important facts about your brain – and exercise.


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Taking regular exercise may help people with dementia to keep active in their daily lives and protect their mental abilities, a review of studies shows.

What do we know already?

Around 700,000 people in the UK have Alzheimer’s disease or another kind of dementia. This affects their memory and how they think, and many of these people eventually need full-time care.

There is no cure for dementia, but drug treatments can improve symptoms. Some previous research suggests regular exercise may also help, but other studies have had conflicting results.

In a new review, researchers pooled the results of the best of these studies, to see what conclusions they might draw from this larger body of research. They looked at 16 studies in total, with 937 people with dementia. The people in the studies were randomly assigned to two groups. In one group, people exercised regularly. In the other, people did…

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