Exercises to Burn off Some of Those Holiday Dishes

Ok, it’s Black Friday and you have shopping to do, but what about those extra helpings you had yesterday at the Thanksgiving feast? You will have to deal with them before long or the problem, like your waistline, will only get bigger.

Here are some quick references for you to get a handle on those love handles.

I thought it would be useful to look at the various dishes and their calories and then offer the exercises you might want to choose to burn them off, like a smorgasbord.


A three ounce serving of turkey white meat totals 132 calories, dark meat 145 calories.

A serving of gravy approximates 1/4 cup. That is about the size of a golf ball. Each of those golf ball sized servings adds 30 to 50 calories to your meal.

One serving of mashed potatoes comes to 150 calories.  Swimming in gravy, it totals 300 calories.

One half cup serving of stuffing amounts to 180 calories without gravy.

A roll and butter totals 180 calories as does a slice of pumpkin pie.

Here is the burn rate for me, a 155 pound person:

– 25 minutes of low impact aerobics burns 146 calories.
– walking leisurely – a 2.5 mile per hour pace – for 30 minutes burns 105 calories.
– rowing with moderate effort burns 246 calories in 30 minutes
– running at a 7 mile per hour pace will burn 391 calories in 30 minutes.

Now you have the information, time to get going.


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