Is Regular Activity the Key to Living Longer?

The researchers then factored in how much exercise people did during their leisure time. People who did no regular exercise and who were the least physically active were most likely to die early. People who did the most exercise during their leisure time had other health benefits, but these were related to things like their waist measurement or cholesterol levels. We can’t be sure if these things affected how long people were likely to live or how likely they were to have heart problems.

I believe and have written that exercise is definitely a key to living longer. Please check out my Page Important Facts About Your (Brain and Exercise).


Cooking with Kathy Man

Older people who stay active – by doing things such as gardening and DIY – may have a lower risk of heart disease and live longer than less active older people, a new study shows.

What do we know already?

We know from previous studies that being inactive – for example, spending long periods during the day sitting down – could be linked to poor health. Government guidelines state that people should aim to do at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five times a week. But even so, that still leaves 23 and a half hours during the rest of the day – does being active during the rest of this time have any benefits?

In this study, researchers asked about 4,000 Swedish men and women aged 60 years old how often in the course of their normal daily lives they took part in 24 different activities which they…

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