Do Nuts Make You Fat?

Unfortunately, a lot of folks don’t eat very many nuts because they fear high calorie counts and high fat content.


The key to including nuts in your diet is to pay attention to portion size. If you sit down with a big bag of nuts and eat them all, you are going to have a weight problem. On the other hand, if you measure out a serving of nuts and put away the bag you will be giving yourself high quality protein, fiber and essential fats. Healthy fats contribute to a ‘full feeling’ when eaten. If you take your time eating, you can enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of nuts without any weight problems. had this to say about nuts, “Although nuts are known to provide a variety of cardio-protective benefits, many avoid them for fear of weight gain. A prospective study published in the journal Obesity shows such fears are groundless. In fact, people who eat nuts at least twice a week are much less likely to gain weight than those who almost never eat nuts.

“The 28-month study involving 8,865 adult men and women in Spain, found that participants who ate nuts at least two times per week were 31% less likely to gain weight than were participants who never or almost never ate nuts.

“And, among the study participants who gained weight, those who never or almost never ate nuts gained more (an average of 424 g more) than those who ate nuts at least twice weekly.

“Study authors concluded, “Frequent nut consumption was associated with a reduced risk of weight gain (5 kg or more). These results support the recommendation of nut consumption as an important component of a cardioprotective diet and also allay fears of possible weight gain.”

A new study has found that women who ate peanut butter and other forms of nuts during their childhood years were less likely to develop breast disease later in life.

So, be a fully-informed consumer, don’t avoid a nutritious food like nuts because of a fear of high calories or fat content.


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