When Will We Learn? “Dieting” is not healthy.

I’ve never seen an eating disorder that didn’t begin with a conscientious effort to diet. – Leslie Sim of the eating disorders program at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and lead author of the study.

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Did you know that adolescents who were once obese are at increased risk of eating disorders?  (See recent Mayo Clinic Study).  On the positive side, they are at a better weight, but crazy methods of losing it set them up for a struggle.

This is no surprise to me.  It gets back to what we already know:  if dieting means extreme measures to create quick weight loss – not a comfortable change of lifestyle – it will be difficult to keep the weight off.  Panic and fear of regaining can hold the disordered patterns in place, leading to often undiagnosed issues in previously obese teens.

Of course, if there is treatment early enough, the outcome can be different.  The trick is to identify an eating disorder in an overweight adolescent – it is not always obvious.

The CDC previously reported that 55% of high school girls and 30% of…

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