What Is Holistic Health and How Can It Help You?

The strengths of holistic health therapy cannot be overstated. Where allopathic medicine focuses on the elimination of the symptoms and is costing our country billions a year, holistic health focuses on teaching patients to take responsibility for their own health, and in so doing is cost-effective in treating both acute and chronic illness; therapeutic in preventing and treating chronic disease; and essential in creating optimal health.

(The Old) Holistic Health & Living

spirit-mind-bodyBy Kristen Peters

The word “holistic” seems all the rage these days. I hear of holistic dentists, holistic practitioners, holistic study courses, holistic nurses, moms, and remedies. Just type in the word “holistic” and you will find over 80 million results. But what does the word holistic mean? How can I apply it to my life? The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) defines the word “holistic” as, “to promote optimal health and as a by-product, to prevent and treat disease.” I love this definition, as it is right on the money. How does one promote optimal health? Certified Holistic Health Practitioners, C.H.H.P., like myself, assist others in promoting optimal health by providing them with knowledge, a functional & definitive plan to follow & motivational support, with lifestyle modifications. Some modifications most often consist of changing their diet, helping them to establish good sleep, lessen stressors, increasing their activity, & learning…

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