Can orthotics stop your heel pain?

Sometimes over the counter orthotics can stop your pain, but in other cases your feet may require a special orthotic.

Dr. Anthony Weinert's Blog - Stop Feet Pain Fast

Heel pain is one of the most common problems treated at our office and can be the result of many different things. Some heel pain is simply the result of wearing improper footwear, having flat feet or even just overuse from daily activities. But in all of these cases we see one similarity, stress.

As stress is applied to the foot, the tissues and ligaments in the foot stretch and tear. This will cause pain, swelling and even bone spurs. In many cases of heel pain, a simple custom orthotic could be the right solution.

Orthotics will correctly realign your foot so that it does not experience excessive motions associated with heel pain. In addition, orthotics will provide the proper support that your foot needs. Every patient’s foot can be different, yet shoes are generally made with only one standard sole for each shoe. By adding a custom orthotic to…

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