Playing With Fido is Good for You – National Institute on Aging

Being physically active can be more fun when you’re with someone else, but that someone else doesn’t have to be human, according to Everyday Fitness Ideas from the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

As a dog owner and dog lover, these suggestions resonated with me.

Besides walking her, I also take my dog when riding on my bike.

Besides walking her, I also take my dog when riding on my bike.

The NIA suggested the following:
Set up a routine and have fun.
*Dogs, like people, are creatures of habit. Go for walks and play about the same time each day. Check out my Page – Why you should walk more  to learn more about other healthy aspects of walking.
*Make a plan with a neighbor to walk the dogs together.
*Take a brisk walk to your local dog park.
*Be imaginative. Walks are great, but consider other activities, too.
*A game of catch is a classic.
*Agility training—create a mini-obstacle course in your yard or at the park; together, move around, through, and even under the items.

Keep safety in mind.
*Stay hydrated. On long walks, bring water for both you and your dog. Check out the water tag on the right to read more about the importance of hydration.
*In hot weather, go out in the morning or evening, when it’s cooler.
*In cold and snowy weather, wear boots with good traction. Check your dog’s paws and remove snow and ice from his foot pads.
*Check yourself and your dog for ticks if you’ve been walking in the woods together.

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