What is a High Energy De-Caf Coffee Drink?- Mr. Lazy Cook

A couple of things to lay out before we start here. First, I don’t drink coffee with caffeine as I try to keep drugs of any kind out of my system. Second, I am a regular bicycle rider and am always on the lookout for new sources of energy.
The other morning I had a new situation. I had a date for early afternoon to attend a play. In addition, we had reservations for brunch at noon. From this schedule, I was not going to have a lot of time to get in a bike ride. So, I thought I would rise at first light and take out the bike for a ride ahead of walking the dog and my social schedule for the day.

Normally, I start the day with what I call my rocket fuel. It is a smoothie that contains all my vitamins. You can read about it in A super breakfast smoothie.

On the morning in question, my reservation about my smoothie was that it takes 15 minutes to make and another 15 minutes to drink. I didn’t want to spend 30 minutes doing that. I wanted to be riding my bike. On the other hand I was concerned that having just awakened from a night’s sleep, my energy reserves were low. I sure didn’t want to black out. I hadn’t eaten in over nine hours.

So, what to do instead to give me a quick shot of energy. I like my coffee in the morning, but since it is decaf, I don’t expect a boost from it. Here is the beginning of a light bulb going off in my head. As recently as April, I got turned on to coconut oil as a wonderful source of nutrition. Check out Why should I try coconut oil? for more details. Since that time I have been using coconut oil in every way I could think of to cook in, shave with, etc. Coconut oil has a lot of healthy fat in it which provides energy. I decided to add a tablespoon of coconut oil to my coffee.

I cast about mentally for another source of fat and pure energy like this. I found Kerrygold pure Irish unsalted butter in my fridge. I added a tablespoon of that to the coffee and put it into the microwave.

After it was hot, I used a small amount of creamer and sugar ( less than usual ) and tried it out. The taste was interesting.

Coconut oil Nutrition:
One ounce (28 grams)(2 tablespoons)
Calories 241
Total fat 28 grams
Saturated fat 24 grams
No cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber or protein.

Kerrygold Butter
One ounce (28 grams)(2 tablespoons)
Calories 100
Total fat 12 grams
Saturated fat 8 grams
Cholesterol 30 mg
No sodium, carbohydrates, fiber or protein.

All tolled, this concoction took Mr. Lazy Cook less than five minutes to prepare and about three minutes to drink down.

I was able to ride for an hour and a half with no problems or lightheadedness, so I concluded that the coffee worked.

I would be interested to hear of any other experiences with a similar drink. You also have the option of adding another tablespoon of either for more fat and energy.


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