What are the Best and Worst Breakfasts at McDonald’s? – WebMD

I have written numerous blog posts on McDonald’s entrees objecting to the amount of sugar, fat and salt included. You can read some of them in the Fast Food Nutritional Info link at the top of this page.

WebMD offered its version which I thought you would like to check out.

McDonald’s worst choice, according to WebMD is “McDonald’s Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes. It’ll weigh you down with 1,090 calories, 56 g fat, and 19 g saturated fat — close to the daily limit for this unhealthy fat. Even the biscuit is loaded with saturated fat, topping even the sausage patty or eggs. The sodium hits 2,150 mg, nearly the daily limit.”


Just to expand on this analysis, 1090 calories amounts to half the calories a 150 pound man requires in an entire day. So, plan on a light lunch and dinner if you have this for breakfast.

Also, the 2150 mg of sodium is near the daily limit for most people. If you are over 50 or have any kind of blood pressure problem experts say you shouldn’t have more than 1500 mg of sodium.


On the positive side, WebMD suggests: “The Egg McMuffin is a better choice under the golden arches at 300 calories, 12 g fat, 5 g saturated fat, and 2 g fiber. Lean Canadian bacon offers protein and a meaty taste with very little fat. In any restaurant, ask for the nutrition information. Items with some fiber and protein will keep you satisfied for hours.  Sodium watchers take note: the Egg McMuffin has 820 mg.”



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4 responses to “What are the Best and Worst Breakfasts at McDonald’s? – WebMD

  1. Well this just pretty much ruined my day. Although I knew it wasn’t healthy by any means, I didn’t expect the big breakfast to be the worst! It doesn’t happen often but every now and then this just hits the spot…


  2. Oh man I used to eat a lot of McD’s breakfasts as a kid!!! Somehow I remained skinny…


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