Walnuts Cut Diabetes Risk – The Telegraph

“Nuts to you!” Takes on all new meaning with the latest info from The Telegraph in London. The Telegraph is reporting, “Eating walnuts just two or three times a week can reduce the risk of type two diabetes by a almost a quarter, according to new research.

“A study of nearly 140,000 women in the US shows regular helpings of a small portion of nuts can have a powerful protective effect against a disease that is threatening to become a global epidemic.


“Women who consumed a 28 gramme (one ounce) packet of walnuts at least twice a week were 24 per cent less likely to develop type two diabetes than those who rarely or never ate them.

“The latest findings, published in the Journal of Nutrition, are not the first to highlight the anti-diabetic effects of walnuts, with earlier research showing similar benefits.

“However, this is thought to be one of the largest studies to find regularly snacking on them can help prevent the condition.

“Although the latest research was carried out on female nurses, it’s likely that the same benefits apply to men.”

In addition to diabetes protection, don’t forget that walnuts, like most nuts, are super nutritious food.

Mother Earth Living says, “Walnuts contain a number of heart-healthy compounds: potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and more. Potassium, an electrolyte, plays a crucial role in heart function by managing muscle contraction of the heart. Along with calcium and magnesium, potassium also helps regulate blood pressure. Vitamin E helps prevent plaque from building up in arteries. Omega 3 fatty acids provide many heart-healthy benefits, including lowering blood pressure and high cholesterol and preventing heart disease.

“Thanks to its high number of antioxidants (walnuts have twice as many antioxidants as other nuts), walnuts provide a measure of protection against cancer development, specifically prostate and breast cancers. A recent study from Marshall University found that eating a daily dose of walnuts (2 ounces) can reduce the growth of breast tumors by about half.

“High in fiber, protein and healthy unsaturated fat, walnuts make a great snack. They’re also a good source of manganese and copper. Like all nuts, however, walnuts are high in calories, so eat them in moderation. The Mayo Clinic suggests eating nuts in place of sources of saturated fats, such as meats, eggs and dairy. To best derive the health benefits of walnuts, eat them whole. Although walnuts’ skin can taste a little bitter, about 90 percent of tannins and flavonoids in walnuts are found in the skin.


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