Good news for us nut-snackers …

Cooking with Kathy Man

The American Heart Association (AHA) recently approved oil roasted salted peanuts as a heart healthy food by allowing its Heart-Check Food Certification Program’s Heart-Check mark to be featured on salted peanut packaging. The approval comes just in time to celebrate National Nutrition Month and Nation Peanut Month in March.

According to The Peanut Institute, while there has been some thought that oil roasted salted peanuts are a high sodium snack—they’re actually not. Nutrition Facts panels show a 1-ounce serving of various types contain 119 mg of sodium, well below the AHA certification criteria limit of 140 mg of sodium per label serving of nuts. In fact, peanuts are naturally low in sodium, and the sodium in salted peanuts is mostly from surface salt so a little goes a long way in terms of flavor.

Roasted peanuts are most often cooked in peanut oil, which contains the same heat-healthy monounsaturated fats…

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