Straight Talk on Living Longer from the Mayo Clinic

The monthly Healthletter from the Mayo Clinic has some super suggestions on living longer.

I love that they start their list with one of my favorite subjects – smoking.

They suggest:
Smoking – “behavioral counseling and support groups, along with medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms, are typically the best route to stop smoking.”


I feel so strongly about smoking being a killer, I put together a special page, available at the top of the screen – How Bad is Smoking?

High blood pressure – “Eating a healthy, plant-based diet, lowering alcohol and sodium intake, maintaining a healthy weight and increasing physical activity are helpful. One or more medications are often needed to keep blood pressure in check.”

Being overweight or obese – “Losing weight is challenging, but it can be done by making low calorie, minimally processed fruits and vegetables the mainstay of your diet – and by getting more physical activity.”

Their third point is another one of my favorites – overweight and obesity. To read more, check out – How Does Obesity Affect You?

Physical inactivity – The recommended amount of exercise is at least 150 minutes of moderately intense physical activity per week. This can be achieved by 30 minutes of exercise a day five days a week.

High blood sugar – “If you have type 2 diabetes, medications will likely be needed to help you keep blood sugar under control. However, eating healthier, exercising and losing as little as five to 10 percent of your weight also can lower your blood sugar levels.”

Finally, Healthbeat zeroed in on your cholesterol levels.

High low density lipoprotein (LDL), or ‘bad’ cholesterol – “Numerous drugs can help get your cholesterol under control, as can eating a plant-based diet with less saturated fat, cholesterol and exercise.”

Hopefully, regular readers of the blog encountered no surprises in the Mayo Clinic suggestions. All good straightforward, commonsense guidelines.

Eat less; move more. Words to live by.


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