Can a Vitamin Help Reduce My Waistline?

A recent study indicated that a vitamin supplementation plan was effective in reducing waist measurements. The journal Clinical Nutrition reported on a study including 23 overweight and obese individuals, who all completed 12 weeks of resistance training. Half of the participants received 4,000 International Units (IU) of Vitamin D. The other half took a placebo. Analysis indicated an inverse relationship between the change in Vitamin D status and the change in waist-to-hip ratio.

They said, “”The results of the current study demonstrated that vitamin D supplementation improved muscular power in healthy overweight and obese individuals within four weeks and that elevated vitamin D status was associated with greater losses in waist circumference, with no additional benefits in lean mass accumulation, muscular strength, or glucose tolerance during participation in a 12-week resistance exercise training program.

“The current results support previous findings that indicate a relationship between vitamin D status and waist circumference rather than fat mass. The inverse relationship with waist circumference is particularly important as abdominal fat has been implicated as an important factor in the development of Type 2 diabetes…

“Waist circumference is also an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the greater decrease in waist circumference associated with higher vitamin D intake represents a potential reduction in risk for metabolic disease and cardiovascular risk.”

It is important to remember that the Vitamin supplementation accompanied 12 weeks of resistance training. So, no one should conclude that taking Vitamin D is going to make a dent in that bulging waistline.

I have previously posted on The Best Exercise to Trim Belly Fat.

It might be an interesting experiment to combine the Vitamin D supplementation with the exercise program to see if it worked even better.



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2 responses to “Can a Vitamin Help Reduce My Waistline?

  1. Good post. I’ve found Vitamin D is a great thing and something you definitely notice a lack of in the winter months in Iowa.


    • Tony

      Thanks, Bob. Agreed. I think Vitamin D is just coming into its own as far as being a valuable addition to our diet. We definitely need it in winter here in the Midwest. A doctor told me that because of the angle of the sun in winter, we could go outside naked and not get enough Vitamin D from the sun alone.


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