How Damaging are Soft Drinks?

After doing alcohol in the previous post it seems fitting to go into the soft drink world for the next.

In this poster soft drinks are credited with precipitating asthma, kidney issues, sugar overload, obesity, dissolving tooth enamel, heart disease, reproductive issues, osteoporosis and increasing the risk of diabetes.

To read further details on soft drinks be sure to check out my Page – What’s Wrong With Soft Drinks?


Good health!



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5 responses to “How Damaging are Soft Drinks?

  1. Oleda Baker

    Click on for my item on the dangers of soda pop.


    • Tony

      Oleda –

      Many thanks for that detailed rundown, more detailed than mine. Definitely worth reading. You packed a lot of really useful facts into that item.Thanks again for the link!



  2. Thanks for another informative post! I’ve cut way, way back but haven’t given up the Diet Mt. Dews completely. 😦 This kinda makes me want to never pick up another one though! Maybe I should hang this poster on my refrigerator door!


    • Tony

      Thanks, Gail. Be sure to check out the write up from Oleda this afternoon. She had lots of good info.

      Before my blogging partner left, he had a bad diet soda habit and I did a number of posts on the ‘evils.’ Sadly to no avail. You can find links at the bottom of Oleda’s post.


  3. Thanks…. I’m checking it out now!


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