Five Simple Steps to Weight Loss

Some very valuable suggestions and insights here. I think this combines well with my How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off page. You can click the link on the top of this screen.

Also, the conclusion is superb: Just because you are losing weight, doesn’t mean you are getting healthier. I think you are far better off focusing on your health and forgetting about weight loss. If you eat intelligently and exercise regularly, your will be healthier and the pounds will melt away.



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2 responses to “Five Simple Steps to Weight Loss

  1. One thing I’ve learned in blogging about healthy eating is that lots of people don’t like the message. In response, I stick to the facts and try to present all sides to an issue. And I avoid the word “fat” like the plague. But people want to eat what they “like” and it’s not always “good”. I find writing about healthy eating is like walking a tight rope. Sometimes people get mad at the message, then at the message bearer – me. Yikes!


    • kadad

      I couldn’t agree more, Vinny. What I wrote about Hostess Ho Ho’s clearly was something John was not capable of digesting rationally. But, the truth is the truth. They are empty calories with artery clogging fats. I, you, we are better off without them.


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