Nice to see young bloggers addressing a subject like aging in this intelligent way … read on.

Knowing Neurons

What do you do when you take a break from work?  In your leisure time, what is something that you routinely find yourself doing?  What is your default solution to the eternal problem of boredom?

What if I told you that your choice of leisure time activity is linked to how you may handle memory loss when you get older?

In the last post, Ryan discussed structural changes in the brains of mice that were housed in an enriched environment (i.e. where they could interact with other mice and had several novel objects to play with).  As humans, our life choices, activities, and experiences form an integral part of our enriched environment and affect our brain’s structure and function.  Our leisurely engagements – reading books, hiking, painting, or online social networking – activate different parts of our brain.  Upon repeated indulgence in our favorite activity, these neuronal networks become…

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