Yoga for Arthritis; Yoga for Seniors

I have resumed doing yoga recently. I practiced it for about 10 years when I was younger, then relaxed my pursuit of it.

I have started doing yoga again for several reasons, some of which may be relevant to you. First, I wanted to get some weight-bearing exercise into my daily regimen since I do very little. Bike riding is great cardio activity, but it isn’t enough on its own. Second, practicing yoga puts you in touch with your body in a way I have never experienced with any other activity. I consider it very positive. Lastly, I have always found that the relaxation period afterwards was very effective. I come out of it feeling almost euphoric every time.

Because I dated a yoga teacher for several years, I had a lot of private instruction. However, I am now a senior citizen and have different needs than I did 30 years ago. For that reason, I am using a DVD by Peggy Cappy that I got for donating to Public Television. The title is Yoga for the Rest of Us – Back Care Basics.

Thread the needle pose. Excellent after riding my bike.

As an old man who rides a bike a lot, the ‘Back Care Basics‘ looked especially appealing. Indeed, there are a number of very worthwhile positions, one called Thread the Needle, gives my legs a magnificent stretch.

You lie on your back with knees bent. Then lift one leg and put it across the other knee. Lift that knee and hold it up by locking your hands behind the leg. This stretches out all the quad and upper leg muscles. It is incredible after a bike ride. I may do it on ride breaks when I take breaks.

I liked the DVD so much that I checked out other Peggy Cappy ones on the web. Sure enough there was Easy Yoga for Arthritis. As I suffer from severe arthritis in both hands, I was very interested so I ordered it.

Of course, I realized afterward that there are a lot of other places besides the hands that arthritis strikes in the body that can also benefit from yoga.

The DVD arrived and I have used it several times. While it is excellent for whatever arthritis you happen to be suffering from I also want to recommend it to any senior who thinks he/she might benefit from yoga.

The production is brilliant. Peggy Cappy leads every pose and explains it as well as demonstrating the breathing. But, she also has a student doing the pose seated in a chair and another doing the pose standing. Peggy stands and uses a chair for support. This is very useful for older seniors who may have difficulties with mobility in general. As a senior in my mid 70s who is in reasonably good shape, I sometimes forget that being a senior is a many splendorred experience that extends for decades. I am just on the threshold. So, having a demonstration of yoga positions that a person can do in a chair or holding on to a chair is particularly valuable for older seniors.

The Easy Yoga program offers seven easy-to-use segments that will leave you energized and feeling more flexible. It also allows you to slice and dice your yoga experience each time to suit your needs.

Finally, Peggy leads a relaxation and meditation segment. As I said earlier, I find the relaxation at the end to be one of the best things about my yoga practice.

Feel free to share your yoga experiences here.



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2 responses to “Yoga for Arthritis; Yoga for Seniors

  1. I really enjoyed doing yoga while I am in the house. Sometimes, I really felt a lot of stress and even in my personal life. So I also practice yoga in the yoga center. What I also noticed is that it really relieved my back pain. I didn’t know that yoga will benefit arthritis but there was a recent research that states yoga is effective in improving the symptoms of Osteoporosis. My Aunt is diagnosed with osteopenia and I always encouraged her to do Yoga but unfortunately, she is sometimes reluctant.

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    • Thanks very much for sharing your experience with yoga. I hope that your aunt will try it. Osteopenia requires weight bearing exercise as well as vitamin D and calcium. Good luck!


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