Should I Continue With My Aerobics Class?

If I had signed up for an aerobics class I wouldn’t have an issue. However, I signed up for a “Strength and Conditioning” Class at Northwestern Memorial Hospital recently. I was ‘walking the walk’ after talking about strength training earlier this month.

The reason I am considering dropping the course is that we actually do 45 minutes of aerobics and 15 minutes of aerobics with light weights.

I guess this is strength training, but it certainly isn’t what I had envisioned when I signed up. I was thinking it would be more like 45 minutes of weight work and 15 aerobics, not necessarily in that order.

I already get an aerobic workout and calorie burn, since I average riding my bike 20 miles a day 365 days a year, I don’t need more aerobics work. I do want to keep my musculature as such from shrinking.

The aerobic exercise itself is halfway decent and I always work up a good sweat. My challenge has primarily been figuring out the steps and arm movements. I think I am the only beginner in the class. Everyone seemed to know each other before the first class. And, the teacher simply says what we will do next and then starts. Everybody seems to know the moves and I am stuck watching and learning on the fly. Challenging, but frustrating. I wouldn’t have minded some demonstration before charging into it.

I wore my MBT sandals to the first class and the teacher objected that they weren’t safe. They worked fine for me, but I think she was protecting herself legally from me turning an ankle or something. She said to wear athletic shoes. The next class I wore my MBT running shoes. She said shoes with the rocker soles were not safe and to wear other shoes. So, now I have to find my arch supports to wear with my tennis shoes for next class. Kind of a pain.

Finally, one not so small objection: there is no shower available. So, when we finish all sweated up, we go home that way. Not pleasant at all. After a workout I really like getting cleaned up in a shower. That’s like the frosting on the exercise cake for me. I have worked my body, now I am cleaning up and feel like a new healthier person.

On the positive side, last week on the way home, I passed the West Egg Cafe. Back when I was teaching at Northwestern University, I used to go for a bike ride with students on weekends and brunch at the West Egg afterward. Last week I stopped in and had a lovely brunch of eggs, pork sausages, toast and coffee. Really enjoyed that despite the fact that I needed a shower.

So, on balance, I am still undecided, but leaning toward continuing. I have learned some new aerobic moves that I can use on my own. My classmates seem cool if mostly younger than me. And, I think I will be stopping for eggs again afterward.

Three weeks later. I am continuing the class. It is a solid aerobics workout for my body different enough from my biking. I also like the West Egg stop afterward.


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