What About Chocolate Honey Stinger Waffles?

I wrote up Honey Stinger waffles back in December of last year when I first ran across them. They are a wonderful energy pick-me-up that rivals energy bars, drinks and gels. You can read the initial write up here.

At the time I had only tried the Honey flavored ones. Since then Honey Stingers must be successful as they have released several new flavors including Vanilla, Strawberry and, most recently, Chocolate.

The Honey and Vanilla flavors tasted super, so I naturally tried the Strawberry, too. Another winner. For the past eight months I have been including a Honey Stinger on most of my bike rides.

A single waffle weighs just about an ounce at 30 grams
It has 160 calories 7 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, no cholesterol, 55 mg of sodium 21 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fiber and no protein.

When I take a break on a ride, I try to limit myself to 50 calories, so I eat one waffle over the course of three rest stops. The Honey Stingers are real energy boosters with the organic honey in them.

This write up is about the latest entry – Chocolate. I ordered through Amazon from AdvantageNutrition.com in Cutchogue, NY. Because I hadn’t tried Chocolate before, I only ordered A single box of 16 waffles. They arrived promptly two days later, but much to my dismay the firm had shipped me the Honey flavor which I had been consuming for months now. Displeased, I shot off a nasty-gram saying that they had goofed up the order and I wanted Chocolate also I didn’t want to be charged shipping on the order as I had paid it for the ones that arrived incorrectly. I was willing to pay for the ones sent in error.

Within 24 hours I received an email back from Matthew Kaessinger of AdvantageNutrition.com apologizing for the mix-up and promising to send me out a box of the Chocolate immediately for no charge.

The new Chocolate waffles just arrived and I have already enjoyed one. Lovely rich chocolate flavor that lingers on the taste buds. Very pleasant. I can now vary my Honey Stinger consumption between all four flavors! Great news as it keeps me from getting tired of the taste of the same thing every day. I was doubly pleased to have gotten a new delicious flavor of Honey Stingers and also to have had such a pleasant positive experience buying from a new supplier over the web. It was so nice to receive good old time customer service from a company doing business in cyberspace.

So, if you are an endurance athlete, or just a guy or gal who wants a healthy pick-me-up, I recommend you check out the Honey Stinger waffles. They really give you a lift.


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