10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy and Live Longer

Happy people live longer according to Time Magazine and others.

Following is an excerpt from that blog item from November:

Jennifer Horton wrote in Discovery Fit & Health when combined with other indicators of longevity, happiness can have an even more pronounced effect. In a test of 50 variables thought to have an effect on a person’s lifespan, satisfaction ranked as one of the strongest predictors, right up there with expected indicators like genetics, intelligence, socioeconomic status, tobacco use and overall health. Coupled with one or more of these other factors, the tests indicated that happiness adds a total of 16 years to the life of a man and 23 years to the life of a woman.

Here is a picture from the Random Acts of Kindness site:

If one picture is worth a thousand words, consider the above another 10,000 words on the subject.



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2 responses to “10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy and Live Longer

  1. Number 1 for me might be “Avoid comparisons” 🙂 If we can only learn how to like things as they they are, or if not “like” at least “accept…”, I think we would all be ever so much happier.


    • I think ‘avoid comparisons’ is a really good one.

      You can learn a lot by comparing, but you need to guard against getting bitter and jealous when you come out on the short end of the comparison.

      Check out our items on positive psychology for some more good ideas.



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