What is a Super Weapon Against Extreme Heat? – A Mist Spray Bottle

Until a few years ago, I visited Las Vegas regularly. I like to play video poker and they have a wonderful selection of games there. It was also fun to over-indulge in the low-priced buffets. In the last few years, however, we have had some nice Las Vegas style casinos open here in the Midwest and I have been able to enjoy the same quality of play that I did when I flew across the country. Now I can play the same way and save the airfare.

This summer in Chicago is amazing with some 26 deaths directly attributable to severe heat. It brings back my old July and August trips to Las Vegas with +110 degree heat and a sun that could cook an egg on the street. Yet, the casinos were always full in those months, too. For me one of the reasons that folks were able to tolerate the heat there was the misting sprays around the pools and on Fremont St. downtown. The sprays stand around five feet high and spew out a lovely cooling mist that is a distinct pleasure to experience.

I was wishing for just such a mist here in recent past torrid weeks, but, of course, since we cycle through four seasons, there is no chance that they could be built. But, what about a personal mist sprayer? That certainly seems doable.

You can see the spray trigger on the left side

I went to Google first and then Amazon and came up with several that seemed likely candidates. I fell for the Available for Super Shipping (FREE) and ordered several. I wanted to tell you about the O2Cool 20 Ounce Hydration Bottle since it seemed to work best.

As you can see from the picture it looks like a regular water bottle except for the nozzle and spray trigger. This is a particularly functional design. Many of the mist sprayers have a pump attached so that you need to pump regularly to get it to work. This one uses a single trigger that sends out a mist spray every time. It is a really nice full spray, too. I put the bottle in the basket with my dog and can lean down at any time and spray some mist while riding besides using it liberally at rest stops.

I am still trying to avoid riding during the hottest period of the day. But, even starting at 7:00 and 8:00 AM, the temp is already pressing up through the high 70s and low 80s here.

While this works great for me as a cyclist, a runner can use one, too. I see runners carrying bottles all the time. Ditto for just walking out in the heat. I have been taking a psychology class on Wednesday evenings around 1.3 miles from my apartment. It is a nice walk and the O2Cool Bottle gives me welcome cool relief on the trip.

If you have experience with another brand that has worked well for you, please feel free to share your info here. Comments are always welcome.

Check out my What to do About Extreme Heat for lots more helpful info.


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