What is Clean Eating?

Have you heard the term Clean Eating? If not, expect to in the coming months and years. Already, USA Today, which writes about the broad middle of American culture, has recognized the clean eating movement in a recent article.

Clean Eating “refers to the eating of food as close to its natural state and point of origin as possible, and the movement is a reaction against the health problems caused by our growing fast food-oriented diet,” USA Today reports.

Is this clean food?

“It’s also a rebellion against some of Big Agriculture’s controversial practices regarding beef, poultry and genetically modified crops. While eating fresh is preferred, canning and home-preserving are generally welcomed, too,” the paper continues.

People simply don’t trust processed food like they once did. They also don’t trust much restaurant food. And so they’re flocking to farmers’ markets, natural food stores like Whole Foods, and food co-ops, neighborhood ethnic groceries and farm-to-home delivery services, all in attempts to cut out the middle men who they think are destroying anything good in the foods they eat.

This is especially true of the Millennial Generation, those born from 1977 to 1994, who now number even more individuals than the Baby Boom generation and so will have a huge impact of the American food scene.

Food companies need to recognize this movement and somehow adapt to it or they soon will face much bigger issues than what people think about them being Olympic sponsors.

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