McDonald’s Testing Mighty Wings

McDonald’s has been testing the sale of deep-fried chicken wings in the Atlanta area, according to several media reports, including a recent one in the Chicago Tribune. While wings have proven a popular snack and meal option, they also are among the worst calorie and fat options you can find, especially if you slather them in ranch or blue cheese dressings, the way they’re served in popular Buffalo wings places.

McDonald’s will introduce Mighty Wings on September 9, 2013. You can read How many calories in McDonald’s Mighty Wings here.

McDonald’s is selling wings in Atlanta. So much for helping its image.

Buffalo Wild Wings, a chain that has been expanding in the Chicago area lately, doesn’t list nutrition information for its wings on its website but I did find some sobering numbers on

It lists an order of 10 wings from a place called Wings to Go in Maryland as having 605 calories with 405 calories coming from fat. And let’s throw in 850 mg of sodium, more than half a daily requirement for a good many people already dealing with high blood pressure. As far as I can tell, that doesn’t include any dressing other than the hot sauce likely already on the wings.

It’s no wonder Buffalo wings taste appealing, given all that fat and salt, but it’s also why they’re always a bad food choice.

If McDonald’s wants to clean up its image, selling wings doesn’t seem the way to do it.

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