New Book on Heart Health from the Mayo Clinic

Regular readers know that I have quoted liberally from the Mayo Clinic on subjects ranging from arthritis to achieving a healthy weight to memory loss. So, it was exciting to learn that they have published Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life. Mayo Clinic is a global leader in cardiac care and treatment.

Martha Grogan, Medical Editor in Chief and a cardiologist since 1995, wrote it. She says that based on her years of experience heart disease is preventable and curable.

She offered the following look into the book:

• What’s your chance of a heart attack in the next 10 years? We’ll not only help you calculate it — more important, we’ll help you reduce it. Page 93.

• If you take medication for cholesterol, high blood pressure or other heart-related conditions, flip to page 98 the first moment this book is in your hands. You’ll get key tips for improving its effectiveness and avoiding harmful side effects.

• 3 heart-healthy goals you can take action on as soon as your book arrives. The quick-start goals discussed on page 25 show that making your heart healthier and stronger doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.

• 8 keys to a heart-healthy diet based on variety, balance and moderation. Simple planning can assure that you get enough of the foods that nourish your body and help make your heart healthy and strong. Page 44.

• “Now, your focus can be turned to the future and how to influence it for the better.” Page 91 is typical of the very positive approach you’ll find throughout this and every better health book from Mayo Clinic.

• 5 common mistakes people make in setting health goals. Plus 5 smart goal-setting tips to inspire you and move you forward. All on page 97.
• What your family history can reveal about your risks. Good news: Even genetic risk factors can be significantly reduced. We’ll tell you how starting on page 82.

Grogan warned that reading the book might also reduce your risk of:
• Alzheimer’s
• Stroke
• Diabetes
• Erectile dysfunction
• Osteoporosis
• Depression

Plus, it may help you to control high blood pressure and cholesterol.

You can order your copy from Mayo Clinic Healthy Heart for Life.


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