Why We’re Told to Drink Milk, Even if It Makes Us Sick

My son sent me a New York Times opinion piece recently that really hit home for me. It discussed how the dairy lobby for decades has gotten everyone from the USDA down to tell people they should be drinking milk every day. And not just some milk, a lot of milk, four eight-ounce glasses, now reduced to three in the latest government dietary guidelines.


Drinking milk as a small child made me throw up. It would be decades before the term lactose intolerant was applied to such a condition. My parents just called it being stubborn…as in “the kid doesn’t want the milk so he’s being stubborn and throwing up.” Even today, just the sight of a glass of milk makes me queasy.

Luckily, by the time I had started first grade, they realized it was a health problem and so they got me exempt from the daily carton of milk everyone got at school (does that still go on, by the way).

I mention all this because it reinforces something I’ve written about here before, namely that politics plays a major role in what we’re told to eat or not eat. You need to be aware of that to make your own decisions on what you will eat every day.

Whether you looked at the old government food pyramid or the new My Plate recommendations, know that every food-related group in the country was lobbying in one shape, form or another, on that thing. What you get isn’t science, exactly, it’s political compromise.


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