Should Large Sodas Be Banned?

Work has kept me away from the blog for a week or so, so I apologize for getting to this topic late but did you see the mayor’s proposal in New York to ban the sale of soda larger than 16 ounces at fast food outlets?

I think the extra term Mayor Bloomberg engineered for himself (New York long had a limit of two terms for its mayors, Bloomberg got that changed so he could serve a third term) may be going to his head.

Soon to be smuggled into NYC.

While I applaud his intention, his solution is absurd on its face. Might he recall what happened when the country tried to legislate sobriety? I have no trouble imagining enterprising criminals in my home town of New York selling banned large-sized drinks out of car trunks and off the back of trucks if they suddenly become illegal, and thus more expensive. Growing up, I watched them for years sell bootlegged cigarettes brought in from other states that were cheaper because they had not paid New York States taxes.

New York was ahead of the country in requiring calorie labeling at fast food outlets. I applaud that and say giving people calorie counts is enough, what decisions they make are up to them.

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