How Many Pounds Will Your Birthday Cost You?

Part of a Saturday night sushi feast with friends.

Part of a much larger sushi birthday dinner with Tony.

I’ve just spent a week celebrating my birthday with a variety of people, from fellow actors in a class I’ve been taking, to my blogging compatriot Tony, to my bowling team and then with some friends of my wife and I. The result of all that celebrating has been that I’ve gained five pounds in the past seven days.

This represents my first major reversal in this year of trying to drop some weight that I gained last year. Before this happened, I’d lost about 10 pounds in the first five months of the year.

I’m back on the weight loss trail today but the past week has reminded me of a recent discussion I had with Tony. Tony has become an adherent of portion control and done an amazing job of doling out his favorite treats like pizza and chocolate in small amounts each day.

I mentioned to him that I’m not able to do that. I would rather forego treats than have a little because when I start, I often eat to excess. The truth is I love eating prodigious amounts of the foods I like.

In the past week, I’ve had more than 44 pieces of sushi during three separate meals; I’ve eaten about half a giant Costco birthday cake which I brought to work to get out of the house and then ended up having every morning of the past week. And on bowling night last Tuesday, I took the train in rather than drive so I could celebrate with teammates by having five large glasses of beer during our games that night.

Clearly I’m not in the portion control part of my life, so now it’s back to no cakes and no beers for a few months at least. I may still have a lunch of sushi once a week but only a small one at the take-out sushi stand rather than the type of opulent sushi dinners I had last week.

Another year and another reminder we all have different bodies and different issues with food; figure out what yours is so you can find ways to deal with it successfully. It really does come down to calories in minus calories burned (exercise).

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