How Many Calories in Your Memorial Day Slab of Ribs?

Barbeque grills will be firing up all over America Monday as people kick back and celebrate Memorial Day with backyard cookouts. Baby back ribs are a classic cookout food, widely loved, likely because of all the sugar and other flavors in the sauces that we slather on those ribs as we enjoy them.

Rather than make them myself, I buy them from great local rib joints.

After two days of yard work and outdoor painting Friday night and Saturday this weekend, that’s what my wife and I did Saturday night. I figured I had calories to consume after all my work, which Lose It! pegged at 1,000 calories burned Saturday and 900 more Friday night.

Unfortunately, I can always eat more than I burn off with yard work on a given day or two. When I weighed in Sunday morning, I had gained four pounds in one day thanks to those ribs! Editor’s Note: Overnight weight gains can be misleading as water retention and elimination can throw the numbers way off. You need to look at the trend over several days, not just one.  John never seemed to grasp this concept. He left the blog in December 2012.

So how many calories are in a full slab of ribs? Lose It! lists an ounce of baby back rib meat as containing 113 calories but that really doesn’t tell the entire calorie story because the heavier calorie load is in the sauce. So a more accurate guide would be to look at a restaurant rib serving.

A slab of Chili’s baby backs comes in at 990 calories in Lose It! That’s probably a more accurate count of what I had. Add to that an order of French fries that came with them, which I estimated at 531 calories, plus cole slaw at about 200 calories, and I easily consumed at least 1,700 calories for dinner Saturday night.

Keep those numbers in mind as you’re thinking about ribs today … and maybe try a half slab instead of a full one.

Happy Memorial Day.

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