Looking for Cola Alternatives? Izze Is a Tasty One

My recent three-day vacation get-away involved more than one stop at a Starbucks because I was traveling with a coffee crowd. I rarely go to Starbuck’s myself because coffee has never appealed to my taste buds. But when I’m in one with others at one, I normally opt for tea.

This time around, however, I tried a natural soda from Izze.

The brand claims it uses no added sugar and only natural ingredients. It’s not low-calorie, a 12-ounce bottle has 120 calories.

But it can be an occasional thirst quencher, and an alternative to carbonated colas and diet sodas, if used in moderation. Over the course of three days and two Starbucks’ stops, I had it twice and enjoyed the taste.

Izze’s nutritional information.


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