What Blog Just Passed 200,000 Visitors?

Guysandgoodhealth.com, the blog you’re reading, just passed having 200,000 visitors since its launch in 2010. Also, Monday, May 14, was our busiest single day ever in terms of unique visitors. We’d like to thank all our visitors, followers and other bloggers who have reblogged our postings and made us the success we’re becoming.

I’m John…


We started with the simple thought that men don’t think enough about their health nor about the impact on their health of what they eat.

We’ve evolved into much more than that, providing recipes, insights into health studies and men’s health best practices. We’ve also offered ongoing monitoring of the calorie and nutrition contents of some of the most popular, but least healthy, fast food menu options like McDonald’s Cherry Berry Chiller, and given you less harmful alternatives.

And we’ve chronicled our personal weight battles, and in Tony’s case his victory in the weight arena.

Watch for much more as we move quickly to the 300,000 visitor plateau and beyond.

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