What is Native Foods Cafe?

I’m always in search of new places that can make eating out fun, and more healthy than most restaurants make it. So I was anxious to try a place new to Chicago.

The eatery is called the Native Foods Cafe and “is a vegan restaurant designed to meet the needs of today’s discriminating, health-conscious diners looking for great-tasting food… both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike,” according to its Web site. It’s actually a chain started 17 years ago that now has 13 locations, two of which are in Chicago.

My Native Foods mushroom burger; the brown slice above the bun is some sort of fake sausage, unneeded I think if a portobello mushroom cap had been in the mix instead of mushroom slices.

I had a portobello mushroom burger which was good but cluttered up by some sort of fake sausage patty.

A great portobello mushroom cap can sit in for a beef burger anytime. I often make them on my outdoor grills in the summer with a teriyaki sauce for flavoring. This offering had wonderful slices of mushrooms in it.

That said, I enjoyed Native Foods better than the Protein Bar, which also claims to offer healthier alternatives. Its menu was too salt-laden for me and my high blood pressure. Native Foods had a great menu selection and wonderful presentation of the various dishes we ordered on our visit (there were six of us, so I got to see quite a few dishes, sides and appetizers).

I could not find nutrition info on the Native Food Web site. I hope that appears sooner rather than later.

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  1. Claudia Zahorcak

    We have a restaurant near us (Bridgeport Mall south of Portland, OR) and we enjoy the food a lot. My husband had the portobello mushroom sandwich Saturday and let me have some (we both thought it was yummy). I always get the Twister Wrap (Friday special). Although we’re not vegan, we like the idea of choosing to eat vegetarian/vegan at least once a week, and this is a great option for us. I, too, wish the nutritional info was available on their website.


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