How Many Calories in Subway’s Smokehouse BBQ Chicken?

Subway has been advertising a new sandwich called its smokehouse BBQ chicken, so I decided to check out the nutrition info for it. I’m always hoping that some new offering from Subway, McDonald’s or another restaurant will be tasty, yet not include things that are bad for me, such as a high level of sodium or fat.

Subway lists the nutrition info for the smokehouse BBQ chicken on the home page for the sandwich, so give it credit for being upfront with the info. A six-inch BBQ chicken has a manageable 380 calories and only 6 grams of fat. But the sodium count is still high, at 950 mgs.

Subway’s Smokehouse BBQ Chicken

Suggested sodium intake levels continue to drop as medical professionals evaluate what high amounts of salt can do to us. In the recent past, the guideline was about 2,100 mgs a day for a healthy person. Now, the recommendation even for healthy individuals is dropping closer to the 1,500 mg level, especially for folks over the age of 50.

Subway has pledged to reduce sodium levels in its sandwiches. It seems there is more work to do on this one.

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