How Many Calories in a McDonald’s Angus Burger?

McDonald’s has been running ads in recent days touting its one-third-pound Angus burger. I’ve written about the calories in its Angus snack wrap but thought this would be a good opportunity to visit the health info for the Angus burger.

McDonald’s Angus burgers

Checking the McDonald’s nutrition info, I discovered that an Angus burger with mushrooms and Swiss cheese comes in at 770 calories, 40 grams of fat and a whopping 1,170 mgs of sodium, or a little more than half the daily sodium intake recommended for a healthy person, almost a full day’s worth of sodium for someone like me dealing with high blood pressure. A version with bacon and cheese is 790 calories and 2,070 mgs of sodium.

If you really have a taste for a McDonald’s Angus burger, try a wrap instead, it has about half a burger in it and 460 calories, with a more manageable 410 mgs of sodium.


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  1. Ahem, as your post stated, TOO MANY!


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