Concord Grape Juice Helps Aging Brains -Tufts

A group of individuals, average age 76, who suffered mild cognitive impairment (MCI), benefitted from drinking Concord grape juice, according to the Tufts University Health & Nutrition Update.

“Researchers from the University of Cincinnati and grape-juice producer Welch Foods tested Concord grape juice versus a placebo beverage on 21 volunteers, average age 76, suffering mild cognitive impairment. The amount of juice varied with the weight of participants, so a 120-pound person received 12 ounces daily while a 200-pound participant drank 21 ounces a day. After 16 weeks, those in the grape-juice group scored better on tests of memory than those drinking the placebo. MRI testing showed greater activation in key parts of the brain, suggesting increased blood flow. The research supports 2006 findings at Tufts suggesting that Concord grape juice, which is high in polyphenol compounds, reversed brain aging in rats.”

We discussed challenges to the brain as we age in October.

I feel strongly that the best defense against cognitive impairment in general and memory loss in particular is exercise. Only exercise sends fresh oxygen to the brain and actually contributes to the brain’s growth by creating new cells.

Last May I wrote Memory Loss is Not Inevitable for Seniors.

Finally, please check out my Page – Important Facts About Your Brain (and Exercise Benefits.)


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