Supermodel Miranda Kerr Likes Chia Seeds

As if we needed another reason to like Chia seeds, turns out Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Miranda Kerr likes them, too. She puts them in her smoothies.

The latest installment of My Optum Health reports “A study in Australia, a major producer of chia seeds, conducted at the University of Southern Queensland, showed that chia seeds fed to obese laboratory rats resulted in improved insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance and reduced abdominal fat. More research is needed to see if the same is true for humans.

“Another study at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto showed chia seeds, used as a supplement to conventional therapy, improved cardiovascular risk factors in people with type 2 diabetes.

“Descriptions in the 2009 book “Born to Run” of how chia seeds fuel the legendary runners in the Mexican Tarahumara Indian tribe have enticed endurance athletes and Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice to give them a try.”

We could have run a pic of Ray Rice, but somehow we ended up with a shot of Miranda instead. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, we are happy to welcome La Kerr as well as Ray Rice to the Chia fan club. We love Chia seeds, too.

Here are links for previous posts. First and foremost, Are Chia Seeds Good For You? from last July.

Read the Chocolate Chia Seed Milk Shake recipe here. Check out Dr. Oz on Chia Seeds here. Here is a Chia seed Super Breakfast.


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