What Happens to My Body When I Overexercise?

This is meant to be a companion piece to the one I posted yesterday on overeating.

The occasion for my overeating was an invitation to a special buffet at the riverboat. The occasion for the overexercising was some gorgeous weather for bicycling. In each case I yielded to the temptation.

Another day of riding with poochie on board

My overexercising amounted to riding my bike 37 miles for the day. Normally, I do around 20, so I nearly doubled my usual exercise. In terms of calories, I had burned around 1450 additional calories. This would be added to my normal budget of around 2000 calories. As was the case with my overeating, I had approximately doubled my budget for the day.

The first difference with my overeating day is that I was not tired at all from my riding. However, I was really hungry.

I ate my usual lunch of granola, soy milk, chia seeds and a slice of pizza for a total of 538 calories. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

I did find that I had a very healthy appetite for the rest of the day. Before I got to dinner I ate an apple with blue cheese crumbles and a handful of trail mix.

For dinner I had pasta from my pasta boat (Mr. Lazy Cook lives!), Paul Neuman’s Organic Marinara sauce and parmesan cheese.

I spent the rest of the evening snacking and watching TV after walking poochie. My snacks included an ounce of trail mix, tamari-roasted pepitas, sea salt kettle chips, dry-roasted peanuts, fresh strawberries in whipped cream and half an apple turnover. To finish off I ate some dark chocolate almond bark, half a bar Hershey’s with almonds and half a bar of Hershey’s dark chocolate with almonds.

To sum up I consumed a total of 3013 calories yesterday, but fell 667 UNDER my allotment for the day because of my bike riding and walking the dog. On the day I overate, I consumed 3123 calories but ended some 356 calories OVER my allotment of 2025 for the day. There was very little difference in my consumption between the two days, the difference was a result of the amount of exercise that I did. I felt laid back, but energized on the big biking day. On the day I overate, I just felt wiped out and out of it mentally as well.

Finally, I managed to sleep all the way through the night last night after the extra biking. I woke up this morning fresh as a daisy.

Given the choice of the two diametrically opposed experiences in a single week, I will always prefer the latter to the former.

Eat less; move more; live longer. Words to live by. They can work for you, too.


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