Dr. Oz on Chia Seeds and Green Tea

Dr. Oz and his co-writer Dr. Roizen made a You Tube video on improving your energy. In it, Dr. Oz says about Chia seeds, “Chia seeds are a whole grain used by the Aztecs as their main energy source. Chia can help restore energy levels and decrease inflammation because of its Omega 3 fatty acids. Similar to corn starch, Chia can be used as a thickening agent and a substitute for whole grains in your diet. While grains are especially important because they help to stabilize blood sugar levels as opposed to spikes and furrows that occur when you eat sugar and refined carbohydrates.
Supermodel Miranda Kerr also likes Chia seeds.
“Go Green as in green tea. Green tea has been shown to have the highest content of polyphenols whichi have high antioxidant properties. Because green tea leaves are young and have not been oxidized it has up to 40 percent polyphenols while black tea has only about 10 percent. But, be cautious. You can’t have milk with it. The casein in milk has been shown to inhibit the beneficial effects of tea.”

I have written favorably about Chia seeds several times on these pages. You can read Are Chia Seeds Good For you?, Chia Seeds Super Breakfast with Oat Flakes, Chia Seeds Chocolate Milk Shake Recipe, among others. You can find them all by Searching for Chia seeds in the Search box on the right.

For St. Patrick’s Day there is Green Tea for St. Patrick’s Day – and Every Day. There is also Green Tea Helps to Fight Flu. What is Chia Fresca?


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