Has John Kicked the HoHo Habit? Not Exactly

Anyone who knows me knows that Hostess HoHos are my junk comfort food of choice. Life/work pressures last year contributed to me consuming 104,338 calories of HoHos, or the equivalent of 29.8 pounds of body weight.

I set a goal late last year to cut my HoHo consumption in 2012 to about 41,000 calories, or about two packages a week.

As the first quarter ended, however, I haven’t hit that target consumption rate, something that surprised me because I thought I was doing well.

I am doing better than last year. For the quarter, I consumed 19,980 calories of HoHos. Annualized, that would be 79,920, or 24,418 calories below 2011, about 7 pounds of body weight.

Looking at my list of top 25 foods consumed in 2012 by calories, Ho Hos are still at the top of my list as they were in 2011, although not by nearly as wide a margin.

So I’ve made progress but need to continue fighting this one.


John left the blog in December 2012 after his angioplasty with his affection for Ho Ho’s intact. For an objective appraisal of Ho Ho’s check out A love letter to Hostess Ho Ho’s – NOT.


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