How To Win The Hunger Games

Some $152.5 million was spent by avid viewers of the new teen film The Hunger Games on opening weekend. It ranks third behind one of the Harry Potter films and The Dark Knight. Not bad. I went to see it on Monday.

By now everyone must know the story of the two teens picked from a dozen districts who must survive on an island while trying to kill each other. There is an ironic phrase used repeatedly by the Games’ hosts, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Right. It starts out 23 to one against you. Hard to find much favor in those odds.

Jennifer Lawrence taking aim in The Hunger Games

The games are a macabre reality show staged by a tyrannous government to keep the populace amused and subdued. One thing I personally enjoyed was seeing a government leader as the baddie instead of some business man as is so often the case in these left coast offerings.

As an avid fan of the last craze, Harry Potter, I didn’t find myself nearly as caught up in these games. Also, I could have done without some of the details of the killing and maiming of teens.

Reflecting on the name, however, made me wonder why so many of us lose our own personal encounter with our hunger games. We have 60 per cent of us overweight and 30 per cent outright obese. Again, “May the odds be ever in your favor” has a hollow ring to it.

Why do the majority of us lose at this game? What is so difficult about eating enough and not too much? The film’s heroine has to be attentive and resourceful to survive. Perhaps by applying some attentiveness we could beat the current odds.

How about taking a fresh look at portion sizes? I mean at fast food joints, good restaurants and also at home. Some people read the nutritional info on the side of a package, but don’t realize how big that one serving is. Or, how many servings in a package. If there are only 150 calories in a serving, but four servings in the package. When you eat the entire contents of the package, you have consumed 150 calories four times that amounts to 600 calories.

I have written about portion sizes repeatedly in the blog. You can click on the portion size links at the right for further useful details in your daily hunger games encounters.

I have repeatedly sung the praises of the Lose It! app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is simple, thorough and effective. If that doesn’t appeal to you there are a number of others and you can find lots of websites that will let you keep track of your caloric consumption on them. I have a friend who said he lost 25 pounds using the Livestrong site tools. Counting calories is a great weapon in the personal daily hunger games conflict. I think you disregard it at your peril.

Another very valuable aspect of the Lose It! app is that you also record your exercise so it keeps you apprised of how many calories your are burning up, too.

The contestants trained rigorously for the Hunger Games. We could take a page from that book for sure. And our training, while it might help to save our lives, can be far more enjoyable than chucking spears and such as they did in the movie. I’m sure you have heard the old saw, “If it’s physical, it’s therapy.” Get physical. Make sure that your ‘training’ – exercise – is done every day. One of the irrefutable laws of the body is “Use it or lose it.” If you don’t challenge your body regularly, you will pay the price in extra pounds and extra doctor visits, too.

Whether you get around to catching The Hunger Games flick or not, take a look in the mirror and decide today how much you want to win your own personal hunger games.

I hope you make the right decision and keep the odds of being healthy ever in your favor.


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