What is the Best Way to Take Pounds Off?

Lunching with a friend the subject of snacks came up . I said that I loved potato chips and snacked on some almost every day. My friend asked how I could do that and not gain weight. I said that I weighed out a one ounce serving (about 10 chips if you don’t have a food scale), put them in a bowl, sealed the bag back up and returned it to the cupboard. I then enjoyed a very leisurely snack amounting to around 150 calories. My friend said immediately, “I could never do that.”

My friend who happens to be overweight was demonstrating how you need to think to stay overweight and not make any progress in trimming down. Clearly,  once you say, or even think, “I can’t do that” you will not succeed.

Think how much more positive and productive it would have been if he had said, even to himself, “I can do that, too. This guy puts his pants on one leg at a time just like I do. If he can limit himself snacking, so can I.” He might have even pictured himself getting slimmer as a result of his new found focus on food consumption and portion size. That simple thought would have put him in an entirely different place mentally and emotionally going forward from his negative declaration which fails before it starts. In a situation where one person sees himself succeeding and another person expects to fail, each will be right. Very often it’s a matter of simply looking at it differently.

Don’t put obstacles in your own way. I struggled with extra pounds for years, but I wasn’t really focused on losing weight. I was trying to eat as much as possible and not gain. That doesn’t work very well. At my worst just after the year 2000, I ballooned up to around 225 pounds and had a 40+ inch waistline. That was before I understood how valuable a tool calorie counting was and I didn’t use it. You can read the details in my postHow I Lost 50 Pounds in 52 Weeks. Even though I didn’t count calories, I believed I was able to take off the pounds and inches if I did the work. I knew that I had put on the weight through personal neglect and careless eating. A year of work and focus got my body back on track.

Since starting the blog, I have renewed my focus on consumption and exercise and have experienced a good deal of success. Everything I have done is enumerated in this blog. There are no secrets. There are no silver bullets. No quick fix tricks. It’s a one day at a time deal. According to Dr. Anthony Goodman in The Great Courses course Lifelong Health: Achieving Optimum Well-Being at any Age the word diet originated from the Greek diaita which means a way of life.

Look on your new diet in the original Greek meaning. You are adopting a new way of life, not just skipping desserts and blindly hoping less pounds. Change your attitude. Change your mind and you can change your body. That’s the best technique for taking pounds off. Believe that you have the power to take off those extra pounds and to keep them off. Pay attention to your portions and make sure you exercise every day to the extent possible.

As I have written here, the exercise tones your body, burns calories and, most importantly, it also feeds your brain life-giving oxygen so it slows aging for us senior citizens. I know you can do it, believe me. My Page – How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off gives you chapter and verse on the subject. Tony


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2 responses to “What is the Best Way to Take Pounds Off?

  1. Mason, J.

    Very insightful, especially paragraphs 3 & 6, seems to me life can be looked at in this way just as its said about dieting. We as humans have so much more we need positive outlooks on. I hope the struggling friend was told in a caring way the things said in those paragraphs.

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