We Should Have Fruit at Work More Often

I’ve been writing about a recent trip to London where I went through training for a new job I’ve taken in the Chicago office of a British employer.

The office in London had many differences from the one here, some a bit quirky but at least one that I found very pleasant, and healthy.

Twice a week there, cartons of fresh fruit are delivered to the office and put out in bowls throughout the place. Apples, bananas, I think oranges as well.

And people flock to the free fruit. I grabbed the last apple the morning after a shipment from the previous day, it was the only piece of fruit left. I had a banana the second day they were delivered (I think deliveries were Tuesday and Thursday).

I found that an incredibly civilized, and healthy, thing to do for workers. I don’t know of any American companies doing that but I would encourage them to.

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