What’s in a Traditional English Breakfast?

One meal I was determined to try while in London was a traditional English breakfast. My wife, who has lived in Britain, and a British coworker now in Chicago, had each told me about the breakfast tradition. I had little time to go looking for a traditional English breakfast during a week of meetings but I made a point to get one my last morning in London.

A London-based coworker had told be about a place near my hotel where I could get one for 6 British pounds, or about $9. A traditional English breakfast

I was sitting in the breakfast place wondering how she knew about it even though it wasn’t near our office but then I saw her outside walking to work and realized it was on her daily route from her train to work!

So, the traditional breakfast includes one egg, a sausage, two pieces of ham or what we would call Canadian bacon, a big piece of toast, which is almost always served cold for some unknown reason and beans. Mine also had mushroom slices, I’m not sure if those were traditional.

I normally only eat eggs scrambled but was surprised how much I enjoyed the fried one in my breakfast. The rashers of ham were salty and I left most of the beans. I thoroughly enjoyed going native for breakfast.

If you want a useful analysis of a traditional English breakfast in terms of calories, fat, etc., check out Tony’s blog post.

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