How to Vita Mix a Low Cal Copy of the Jamba Juice Orange Dream Machine

I have to confess that the taste of the Jamba Juice Orange Dream Machine takes me all the way back to the joy of my childhood instantaneously. Even though I know that I now have far fewer taste buds functioning in my mouth than I did when I was a child, the Jamba Juice flavor is identical to what I remember the original Orange Dreamsicle starburst of flavor tasted like in my mouth as a child. I know I had one before I was a teenager, so it was many years ago.

Whenever I pass a Jamba Juice I will stop in and order an Orange Dream Machine and savor it for the next quarter of an hour or so. I think it costs around $5.00. I wondered if it would be possible to duplicate that flavor at home on my Vita-Mix machine.

It seems simple enough. There is the taste of orange and the mellowing flavor of milk.  This is the kind of ingredient list made to order for Mr. Lazy Cook.

After a number of ‘close calls’ I have come up with the following recipe:

1/2 cup of vanilla soymilk
1/2 cup of orange juice
1/2 cup of vanilla non-fat yogurt
2/3 cup of orange sherbet
1/2 cup of ice cubes

Place it all in the Vita-Mix container and close the lid. Begin on the lowest speed and build to the top. I did not shift into the top speed as I did not want to make it solid. Blend just till smooth.

By my taste buds this is an exact match as far as taste goes to the Jamba Juice product. I specified taste because nutrition-wise, Mr. Lazy Cook’s is far superior.

The Jamba Juice Original Dream Machine breaks down as follows:
470 calories
2 grams total fat
1 gram saturated fat
210 mg Sodium
102 grams carbohydrates
1 gram of fiber
93 grams of sugar
10 grams of protein
I believe this is a 16 ounce serving.

For  Mr. Lazy Cook’s 16 ounce serving:
250 calories
3.5 grams total fat
1 gram saturated fat
86.5 mg Sodium
50.5 grams carbohydrates
no  fiber
40 grams of sugar
6.5 grams of protein

The cost is far less that $5.00.

Please understand that I consider this a dessert-type treat. This is not top notch nutritional fare. While the 40 grams of sugar in my version is less than half the Jamba Juice one, it is still nearly 10 teaspoons of sugar.

I lambasted McDonald’s for their sugar smoothies, the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade one, and the Shamrock Shake for their over-sugared recipes. They far outstripped the 40 grams in the Orange Dream Machine copy.

Please feel free to send comments on how it turned out for you.


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  1. Nate

    Just bought a vitamix. Will try your recipe today.

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