What Are My Chances of Getting Diabetes?

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, one in two Americans has either diabetes or pre-diabetes and 90 per cent of them don’t know it because their doctors aren’t trained to think about it, diagnose it or what to do about it when they find it. Doctors get out of medical school and know more about how to treat malaria than obesity, he said.

Speaking in a TV interview on the Best of Imus in the Morning, Dr. Hyman said that “Food is the most powerful drug on the planet. It not only has the power to prevent disease, but to reverse disease. It works faster, better and cheaper than most medications.”

Dr. Hyman was being interviewed on his new book, The Blood Sugar Solution, published by Little, Brown and Company.

He said, “Chronic disease like diabetes is a food borne illness. We ate ourselves into it and we have to eat ourselves out of it.”

“One in three medicare dollars is spent on diabetes and we have no coherent plan to deal with it.”

Dr. Hyman explained that he calls the pre-diabetes condition “diabesity.”

Asked how you know if you have diabesity, he offered the following symptoms, belly fat, high triglycerides, family history of diabetes, you crave sugar, you crave carbs, low HDL (high density lipoproteins in cholesterol), high blood pressure, low sex drive, infertility and acne.

Any of these symptoms are clues that you could have diabetes.

Diabesity spans the continuum of mild blood sugar imbalances to full blown diabetes. These symptoms lead to heart attacks, cancer, dementia and depression, Dr. Hyman concluded.

“Sugar and some of the processed foods actually trigger centers in the brain like heroin or cocaine and they create the same kinds of food addiction that we see in people with heroin addiction.”

On a positive note, he said, “You are only one or two days away from feeling well if you put the right information in your body.”

He recommends a balanced diet of quality protein, carbs and fats. “Eat early, eat often and eat regularly.”

We have written about various aspects of obesity before, you can click on the obesity tag for some examples. We also did a detailed item which you can read: How Does Obesity Affect You?.

For the record, Type 2 diabetes affects 5 percent to 10 percent of most populations. Some 80 percent to 90 percent of all diabetics are Type 2. The disease is increasing in developing countries as obesity and sedentary lifestyles grow. Coronary Vascular Disease accounts for 67 percent of all deaths in diabetics.

Eat less; move more; live longer.



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3 responses to “What Are My Chances of Getting Diabetes?

  1. I like “diabesity” because it makes the necessary connection between (type-2) diabetes and obesity–including the genetic predisposition for both diseases (obesity is actually considered a disease). Here is my own contribution to the discussion, a feature I write for The Atlantic on the link between type-2 and obesity–and the prospect of reversing diabetes with changes in diet and exercise habits: http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/02/curing-diabetes-how-type-2-became-an-accepted-lifestyle/252598/


  2. Saint Bernard

    Good write up. I like it

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