Going Safe for Dinner in London — A Steak and Fries

By the time I got back to my hotel Monday evening after arriving in London at 5 a.m. local time, I’d been up for a very long time and was extremely tired, so I opted for room service.

The hotel menu had some interesting-sounding British dishes, like pan fried black pudding, but my sense of adventure was pretty weak after a busy day, so I opted for something safe, steak and French fries, or steak frites.

Steak Frites, I left most of the butter sauce in the little server/

The steak was listed as 250 grams which is almost nine ounces. LoseIt! doesn’t list rump steak, it’s not a cut you might see in a U.S. restaraunt although rump roast is sold in U.S. supermarkets and other meat outlets. I found a calorie count of 35 per ounce for rump steak online, so my steak was 308 calories.

Much as I love fries, I ate about a third of this massive helping. The lack of ketchup helped me be moderate on that score. I estimated my fries at 305 calories, about half a fast food large order. I also had bought a six-pack of Oreos, a taste of home, at a small store on my walk back from my office here, so dinner was about 922 calories.

I’m not sure if I’m gaining weight here so far, the lack of a scale in the hotel really throws off my mornings since I’m accustomed to a morning weigh-in and tend to eat more when I don’t discipline myself with it each day. I have three more days here before returning to my scale.

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