Can You Eat Healthy While Traveling?

I’m about to leave on a business trip to London, my first time there. And people who have been there, including my wife and co-workers, tell me the food I’ll encounter is completely different from what I eat here.

So how will I stay on target, in terms of calorie count, for items I’ve never seen before and which are not likely to be in my LoseIt! calorie-tracking app?

It’s going to be a challenge. I’d like to think I’ll simply eat less and so drop a few pounds in the week-long trip. But with office dinners likely, the opposite may happen, depending on where we go and what we eat and drink.

I’ll try to post updates from across the pond but, depending on Internet access where I’m staying, those may have to wait for my return.



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2 responses to “Can You Eat Healthy While Traveling?

  1. Last time I was in London (2006), I saw four shows and ate a lot of excellent food–including Chinese in the Chinatown area; Italian near Trafalgar Square; your basic pasta-and-salad theatre district restaurant. London today is more comparable to New York or any other global city, where you can get the best of the world’s cuisines prepared well. So I don’t think London will be quite as “foreign” to your taste and dietary habits as you fear. Bon voyage!


  2. melisi

    I actually find it easier to eat healthy when I am on holidays. Usually what I do is if there are lots of foods I want to try I just have 1 or 2 bites just so I don’t feel deprived and so that I can at least taste it then I’m done. Life is just already so exciting when on holidays that tasting is enough and big meals would ruin the trip. Otherwise I just stick to salads and stirfrys anything light so I know at least I’m making better choices


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