What is a belVita Biscuit? Part II

The belVita Biscuits sent us by Edelman.

Not long after my first post about Kraft’s new (to the U.S.) belVita biscuits, we received an e-mail from Edelman Public Relations, which is handling PR for Kraft on this product. Edelman offered to send us samples of the product which we accepted with the understanding that receiving them free of charge would not influence our review.

The biscuits arrived and I opened the blueberry variety. The smell of blueberries was very strong upon opening. The crackers themselves reminded me of graham crackers in their consistency.

The overall taste was better than I was expecting. The box discusses how having a package of the biscuits along with yogurt and fruit can create a breakfast that can get you through the morning without a pre-lunch letdown. One package of biscuits is 230 calories, 220 mg of Sodium and 13 grams of sugar, which seems high to me. And while the front of the package touts 18 grams of whole grain, there’s only 3 grams of fiber in each packet.

I’m planning to put the claim about releasing energy throughout the morning to the test on a trip I’m about to take to London. If they can help me deal with jet lag, that will be a major accomplishment.


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