What Are Four Anti-Aging Supplements Recommended by Dr. Oz

On the Dr. Oz Show broadcast yesterday in Chicago, the good doctor recommended four anti-aging supplements. As a senior citizen extremely interested in the entire aging process, I was hooked. I also wanted to share them with readers of the blog.

To prevent weight gain, Dr. Oz recommended White Bean Extract. He said that weight gain is a “major ager.” As regular readers know, weight control is one of the major activities on which we focus. He said that White Bean Extract blocks body’s ability to absorb carbs through the gut. This prevents the roller coaster blood sugar ride and you consume fewer calories that way. He said to take 500 mg a day and the best time to take it was BEFORE you are going to have your biggest meal. It costs under $20.

Another problem encountered in aging is memory loss. To improve memory, Dr. Oz recommended Bacopa. This is an herb native to India that has been used for years there to enhance memory and learning as well. In addition, Bacopa also reduces the effect of stress on the brain. It costs around $12.

I know this is all about Dr. Oz’s recommendations, but I can’t help but remind you of our blog item from May of last year entitled Memory Loss is not Inevitable for Seniors.

Dr. Oz recommended Milk Thistle to flush out toxins from the body. He said that Milk Thistle helps the liver to get rid of toxins. He gives it to his own patients. Recommended dosage is 200 mg per day and it costs around $15.

Last and definitely not least is heart health. As heart disease is the number one killer of our population, Dr. Oz recommended Krill Oil to combat it. He said that the oil has powerful antioxidants and it also helps to regulate the heart rate as well. Lastly, he said that Krill Oil is excellent because krill are so low on the food chain that they have very few contaminants. I buy Krill Oil at Costco which probably has the best prices on it. The name is MegaRed and it is a Schiff product.



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